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Charles Wiedmeyer

Associate Professor
College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Areas of Expertise

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Wiedmeyer, Chuck

Charles Wiedmeyer is an associate professor of veterinary clinical pathology in the College of Veterinary Medicine. He earned his veterinary degree and doctorate in veterinary pathology from the University of Illinois. In addition, he is a board-certified veterinary clinical pathologist. Wiedmeyer’s specialty is applying technology to better monitor diabetic veterinary patients. His emphasis in this field is working with dogs and cats but he also has experience with horses, cows and pigs. Wiedmeyer has published several articles regarding the use of continuous glucose monitoring in veterinary patients and is considered the authority on this subject as it relates to veterinary medicine. In 2008, Dr. Wiedmeyer initiated a faculty startup business in response to the added University mission  of economic development.  The business, a clinical service laboratory, has contributed to economic development in the form of jobs, tax revenue and engagement of the University with private entities.

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