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Kerby Miller

Curators' Professor
Arts and Science

Areas of Expertise

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Miller, Kerby

Professor Kerby Miller teaches a three-course sequence on Irish history (ancient to 1850, 1850-1923, and 1900-present), as well as surveys of American history, occasional lecture courses on U.S. urban history, and seminars on U.S. social and immigration history.

Kerby’s current research projects include a study of Irish religious demography and of the relationships between population change and social, cultural, and political developments in Ireland, especially in Ulster, between 1660 and 1926; and a multi-volume, edited collection of letters, diaries, and memoirs written by Irishmen and -women who emigrated to America between 1815 and 1929.

Since 1995 Kerby has served as an adviser, consultant, or referee for numerous institutions, including: the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Irish Higher Education Authority in Dublin.

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