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Mansoo Yu

Associate Professor
College of Human Environmental Sciences, School of Social Work, Graduate School
School of Social Work, Master of Public Health Program

Areas of Expertise

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Yu, Mansoo

Mansoo Yu is an associate professor in the School of Social Work and the Master of Public Health Program. Yu also is the director of the PhD program in social work. His research interests include epidemiology, etiology and prevention of health risk behaviors among vulnerable and underserved populations; adolescent health risk behaviors (for example, tobacco use) and positive youth development; health and psychiatric disorders; global health; and health disparities across race/ethnicity, gender and social class. Yu received a doctorate of philosophy degree and a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University. Yu was named MPH Program Instructor of the Year and received the MU School of Social Work Outstanding Faculty Award for teaching and supervising from the School of Social Work Alumni Organization Board of Directors.


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