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Melissa Mitchum

Associate Professor
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Plant Sciences

Areas of Expertise



Mitchum, Melissa

The major focus of research in the Mitchum Lab is the molecular basis of plant-nematode interactions with an emphasis on the interaction between the soybean cyst nematode (SCN; Heterodera glycines) and its host plant, soybean. In addition to soybean, the Arabidopsis-beet cyst nematode pathosystem is used as a model system to dissect mechanisms of pathogenesis and feeding cell formation. Sedentary endoparasitic nematodes, such as SCN, are the most economically important group of plant-parasitic nematodes. SCN is consistently the most damaging pest of soybean grown in Missouri and throughout the U.S., causing nearly $1 billion in crop losses annually.

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