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Paul Weirich

Curators' Professor
College of Arts and Science

Areas of Expertise

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Weirich, Paul

Weirich started studying decision theory while a graduate student at UCLA working under the supervision of Tyler Burge. When he finished his dissertation, “Probability and Utility for Decision Theory”, he published articles on a variety of topics but especially on the principle to maximize expected utility. His first book, Equilibrium and Rationality (Cambridge, 1998) generalizes that principle to cover the types of decisions arising in games of strategy. The result grounds a generalization of Nash equilibrium that he calls strategic equilibrium. His second book, Decision Space (Cambridge, 2001) presents multiple ways of analyzing of a decision’s utility.   Realistic Decision Theory (Oxford, 2004) makes decision theory practical by removing its idealizations.  Collective Rationality (Oxford, 2010) extend principles of rationality to collective agents composed of many people.  He has also edited Labeling Genetically Modified Food (Oxford, 2007), a collection of essays on biotechnology’s applications in agriculture and food production.

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