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Rodney Uphoff

Elwood Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law
School of Law

Areas of Expertise

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Uphoff, Rodney 1

Rodney Uphoff is the first Elwood L. Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law at MU. Uphoff has written numerous articles on criminal defense practice, the delivery of indigent defense services and ethical issues facing those involved in the criminal justice system. In 1995, he edited a book for the American Bar Association, Ethical Problems Facing the Criminal Defense Lawyer. Professor Uphoff is director of MU’s South Africa Educational Program. He joined the faculty in 2001 after visiting in the fall of 2000. He taught at the University of Oklahoma for eleven years, where he served as their Director of Clinical Education for three years. Professor Uphoff has had a diverse legal career. He worked in the private sector and among other jobs served as the Chief Staff Attorney for the State Public Defender Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

After directing the Legal Defense Project at the University of Wisconsin for four years, Professor Uphoff moved to the University of Oklahoma in 1990. Professor Uphoff also was one of the lawyers appointed to defend Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma bombing case. He teaches Trial Practice, Criminal Procedure, Professional Responsibility, and Criminal Litigation Skills.

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